Composite Fillings

Composite white fillings
        A composite filling is a procedure where a white composite filling is used to treat a tooth that has decayed. The composite material is inserted into the tooth, preventing decay from spreading further. This treatment is very beneficial because it prevents the decay from spreading to the root of the tooth, saving the patient from more complicated and painful procedures.
Fillings may also be used to fix minor to moderate chips and cracks in your teeth


Amalgam fillings do not blend in with the rest of your teeth. Composite fillings blend in with the rest of your teeth.


Patients are numbed before their filling procedure. This helps prevent pain and discomfort during the procedure. Filling one cavity can be a short procedure, usually taking around 30 minutes. However if you require multiple fillings, then the process will take longer and your appointment may be broken up into multiple visits for your convenience.
If you require a filling or think you need one, then give us a call. We will schedule your appointment and determine if a filling is required. Our team is happy to answer any questions you may have