New Patients

We are always excited to have new patients join our neighborhood family dental practice. Whether you’re here because of a toothache, routine exam or just moved into town we are here to help!
Step 1:
Please call or request an appointment online.
Step 2:
We will ask for your dental insurance details as well as your reason for coming
Step 3:
Prior to your appointment, you will receive new patient forms via a  text message or email link. If you do not receive one, please let us know so you may receive one.
Step 4:
When you arrive we will have verified your insurance and will get you checked in.
Step 5:
Our team will make sure you’re comfortable with your favorite Netflix show on. We will listen to your concerns, take proper radiographs, examine your mouth, and provide excellent treatment.
We will always provide you with an estimate for any procedure we plan to perform. Our goal is to make sure you have a comfortable and easy dental appointment every time!